2016 Lake Superior Chairman’s Award

Crimson Robotics takes pride in our community and tirelessly work to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.

We were very honored to have received the Regional Chairman’s Award at the 2016 Lake Superior Regional, but we won’t stop here. The award motivates us to do better, reach further, and continue down the path of our 5 year plan for “Robotics in Every School, Every Grade, for Every Child in ISD 279”.

Here is our Chairman’s Award Video. We are very proud of our accomplishments in the community and hope this award can serve as a catalyst for further STEM outreach in the further.

Without the amazing support of our Community, our Mentors, Teachers, Coaches and Parents, we would never have been able to run the programs with such success. So on behalf of the entire team, Thank You. We can’t wait to see all the great robots in Saint Louis this year!