Give to the Max Day

Attention Everyone!

Maple Grove Crimson Robotics is requesting your help in our fundraising. This is very important and will affect every aspect of the team.

The students participate in every aspect of the “business” of making the robot. Teams such as programming, engineering, public relations, fundraising, marketing, social media, community outreach, and many others to make this possible. In the end, the students have not only created a robot for competition, they have also gained many life skills and experiences that will help them in everything they do going forward.

This, very expensive to operate program, is funded through the generous donations and sponsorships from individuals and corporations in the community. With a budget that was literally a fraction of the budget of other teams in the competition in 2013, Crimson Robotics advanced beyond the Duluth regional competition and competed in the MN State Robotics competition!

As of yesterday 11/12/14 – Crimson Robotics was notified that its largest corporate sponsor has cut its contribution by $4,000.00. The leaves a HUGE hole in the budget for the team to fund the competition as well as fund the goals the team has for the year. Please help us soothe our pain and patch that hole with your donations. <\strong>

Give to the max ends today, hurry!