The Robot of 2013

Below is the game animation of 2013’s game, Ultimate Ascent.

Our Robot consists of a few major components.  This includes the cannon, drive train, camera, gyroscope, conveyor system, floor loader, hopper, gravity loader, and the code that runs it all.

The Gun
This year’s game involves landing Frisbees into goals, and as a result, our cannon is a straight-shooting double-motor firing mechanism, which utilizes momentum and traction against the adjacent bar (opposite the wheels) to get the Frisbees spinning and flying straight.

The Drive Train
We’re using a six wheel drop with a good turn radius.

The Eyes
Our rangefinder is set up to measure the horizontal distance to the base of the target.  This distance, along with the constant distance to the target hole can be used to find the hypotenuse, and theta for the angle of trajectory.

The Brains
This year, like last, we are using Java as our programming base, at first we were tied up between Java and C++, and ultimately decided on the former because the majority of our established coding team was already familiar with the language.  This also gave us an opportunity to teach new members about the language; not only building on the number of members fluent in Java, but also building skills in instructing others.

Conveyor System
Our conveyor system has three main components: The floor loader which picks up a Frisbee, either right side up or upside down.  The Frisbee is fed horizontally through a system at which point it is flipped at a 90 degree angle.  A rangefinder checks to see if it is the correct orientation, and corrects it if needed.  The Frisbee then moves vertically to the third stage, which turns it back on the correct face and prepares it for launch.